Bollywood collection 2019

Bollywood collection 2019

Collection of all Hindi films at Bollywood box office in India till now in 2019-2020.

This list has been updated on January 4, 2020. Movie costs are an estimate of both production and print and advertising costs.

It includes only net collections, does not include foreign collections. Here is a complete list of it.

Good Newwz134.25 Crore105 Crore

I just came back after seeing the FDFS of Good Newwz and the first word coming in my mind after seeing this film is amazing.

Akshay did four films this year and I feel this one is his best.

It has a repeat value and I am pretty sure this film will gross 200+ crores. Now let’s begin with review:

Story and Screenplay

Akshay is playing Varun Batra who is married to Deepu Batra played by Kareena.

They have been married for 7 years and even after trying multiple times they didn’t have a baby.

Varun’s sister asks Varun and Deepu to meet Dr. Joshi. They decide to meet Joshi and Joshi suggests them IVF for having a baby.

They agreed and Dr. Joshi plants embryo in Deepu. After 10 days Dr. Joshi calls and tells them that the sperm has been mixed up and that’s when Honey aka Diljit and Monika aka Kiara met Varun and Deepu, and that’s when actual fun starts.

The story is very fresh and you feel absorbed in every frame.

The screenplay is very funny and the whole Punjabi element adds charm in the story.

Bollywood collection 2019

Bollywood collection 2019
Bollywood collection 2019


Raj Mehta has directed this film and this is his debut film.

Friends, I must say that with his first film he has hit the ball out of the park.

I mean pregnancy and sex is not something which we Indians talk quite frequently.

I was worried that this film might turn out vulgar and it won’t see many footfalls but kudos to Raj he has handled this subject brilliantly.

Not for a sec, you feel vulgar. The humor is real and fresh.

That’s what you need in a comedy scene, nowadays we see WhatsApp jokes in the name of comedy but Good Newwz delivers real comedy.

Raj not only makes you laugh but also makes you emotional and ends with a message and satire on Indian society.

As a debutant, I feel he has done a wonderful job.

His direction has taken this story on another level and you will see once you see the film.


Everyone has done a superb job from supporting cast to lead actors, you will remember each character after you leave cinema halls.

Kiara looks cute as a Punjabi girl and has done a decent job.

Kareena is really good and in a couple of emotional scenes, she has nailed it. But Akshay and Diljit have literally killed it.

Their chemistry and comedy timing is epic. Diljit’s entry scene is hilarious and one scene where Akshay smokes weed is the best scene of the film.

This film will go down in history as a wholesome entertainer and one of the best comedy films and the major credit goes to these two people.

Akshay’s quirkiness and Diljit’s desi style is a treat to watch. I would love to see them together in the future.

Music and Background Score

The music is really good but more than music I want to thanks makers for not keeping unnecessary songs.

Every song is situational and blends very well with the story, not like Dabangg 3 where you have a song every 15 minutes.

The background score is also good especially the music used in emotional scenes leaves a lasting impact. My personal favorite is “Chandigarh.

Mein” and yes “Sauda Khara-Khara’ is not in the film.

sauda khara khara
Sauda Khara Khara

Other aspects

There is nothing much to discuss but one thing which I want to give a shout out is the costumes.

The costume designers have done a wonderful job.

Each lead has its own persona in this film and that blends well with what they wear.

Especially huge shout out to Akshay’s designer he looks amazing in every frame.

The whole look and feel of this film give a positive and happy vibe.

Final Verdict

This will make you laugh and emotional too. This film is 2 hours long and trusts me this film will make you laugh throughout the film except for 20 minutes where you will get emotional.

I saw FDFS and I was surprised to see two couples who were in their late 70s-80s came for this film and I saw them laughing.

This is not a perfect film but you will love it for sure. I would give 4/5 stars to the film, I really like to give 5/5 for its entertainment quotient but cutting one marks for its climax.

I would still say it’s one of the best films released this year and this will ensure that year will end with Good Newz for Bollywood.

It is a must watch guys, don’t miss it.

Dabangg 3134.75 Crore 125 CroreAverage

What do you think of the movie ‘Dabangg 3’?

Salman Khan is no doubt among the top two actors of the Indian Film Cinema.

But last three releases of Salman since Tubelight in 2017 have given a lukewarm response, Tubelight collected 115 cr, Race-3 approx made 170 cr (Indian BO collection), Bharat 190 cr.

Let me tell the number figure through Salman’s Race-3–

Race-3 the film was mounted on a budget of Rs. 130 crore (Including PnP of Rs. 20 crores), and the makers received Rs 80 crores from the sale of satellite and digital rights.

It is Salman Khan’s star-power that helped the film fetch such a humongous deal from several networks and made the film a profitable venture.

Apart from that, the producers received approx. Rs. 40 crore as a rebate from the U.A.E Government as a major chunk of the film was shot in Abu Dhabi.

Being the distributors at Mumbai, Delhi, UP and East Punjab circuit, Khan and Taurani got a share of approximately Rs. 40 crore, and on the flip side got approximately Rs 65 crore from outright sale of rights to individual distributors.

Therefore, the overall table profits for the producers are approximately Rs. 100 crores, whereas Distributors lost an amount close to Rs. 20 crores.

Bollywood Box Office collection 2019

But when you sell the film, you have to take into consideration the money the distributors make. If they don’t make money then the film is a flop.

In the case of Race 3, Salman Khan made 100, 200 or 300 crore whatever he wants to say, but he has sold the film at a very heavy price and those who have brought the film will be lost at least 30-40%.

In fact, even now after exaggeration the figures of Rs. 170 cr, the distributors will get only half of that which is Rs. 70-85 cr, and if they have sold all India it for Rs. 110-120 cr and the film doesn’t make 240 cr the distributors will have obviously lost money.

So, this was tit-bit of how Box Office works, coming to Dabangg-3, again the stakes are very high.

On the day of release, the trailer crossed almost 30M views, but since then the response has been lukewarm- Whereas the Good Newzzs trailer crossed 60 M view in a week or so of its release.

Here it is- So, GOOD NEWWZ holds the ace here.

2. Music – I personally think the Music of Dabangg-3 doesn’t cater to the audience of the multiplex whereas GoodNewwz does.

3.Story– The story of GoodNewwz is something refreshing filled with humor and roller-coaster of emotions catering to the audience of both multiplex, and single screen.

Dabangg-3 is out and out masala film which was once liked by Indian audiences all over once but not anymore.

Marjavaan is the proof of that having collected 38 cr, and almost running out of the theatre in the second week.

which is your favorite movie?

The collections of Pati, Patani Aur Woh at the weekend are as follows: Day 1: 9 .xxcr, Day 2: 12.xx cr, Day 3: 14.xx cr.A film based on the reality of today carrying the good message at the end to send everyone home smiling.

Good Newwz is on the same line.

But but but, if the story, action and emotions and more importantly comedic aspects in the Dabangg-3 are used well with the superstardom of the Salman Khan, it can break all records.

Not to forget, Dabangg-3 has Kannada action hero -K Sudip as well to appeal to the Southern crowd.

And all this used well could make Dabangg-3 break all records.

So fingers crossed,

Let’s hope the audience has a hell of a treat in the holiday season with two back to back blockbuster.

Housefull 4 204 Crore125 Crore Super Hit

Which movie will be a super hit, Housefull 4 or Dabangg 3?

Housefull 4 is the long-awaited fourth installment in everyone’s favorite movie series about full houses. But this time, the house is fuller than ever.

The guests are crammed into every room like sardines; almost as crammed as this movie is with side-splitting jokes.

Friends, You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll say: “Oh my God, I can’t believe even more people just fit into that room.”

The house is full. But so is my heart after this cinematic tour de force.

Dabangg 3 returns with the classic explosions we’ve all come to expect from Dabangg 1 and Dabangg 2—Return of the Bang.

If anything, there are more bangs in this movie, but I loved each and everyone, and the director kept me guessing throughout.

I was disappointed that the main character (Bangington McBanghead) was killed in an explosion after seven minutes, but I quickly forgot my disappointment as I sat back and let the movie take me on an edge-of-my-seat thrill ride.

On balance, I enjoyed both movies, but I just feel that the scene with the elephant and the vacuum cleaner was in slightly bad taste.

For that reason (and the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack by Enya) I believe that Housefull 4 will stand the test of time as a classic of the genre.

Bollywood collection 2019, which is your favorite movie?

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